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When it comes to making the perfect smoothie, there is a bit of trial and error to consider.  Every smoothie will not be the best smoothie ever so you have to take some time and try different mixtures until you find what works best for you.

But I'm not going to leave you out there in your kitchen to suffer alone, trying various smoothie concoctions and cursing your blender.

The very first smoothie I made at home was horrible.  I posted a picture on Facebook, and people asked, "Are you going to drink that?"  I replied "Yes", and I did.  I should not have.

It was too was too was too bitter...just a horrible combination.

I thought to I doomed to drink horrible smoothies for the rest of my life to be healthy?

After discussing this with some of my friends, they offered up some suggestions and I am passing them on to you.

Is your smoothie too warm?

Sometimes just adding cold water to your smoothie recipe is not enough to get it to the right temperature.  You can try adding ice cubes to your mix.  My favorite option for creating cold smoothies is adding frozen fruit.  I typically use the VIP brand mixed fruit because it normally creates the best flavor for me.  So, give it a try and add some chill to your smoothies.  On a hot day, this can be a delicious treat that will also cool you down.

Is your smoothie too liquid?

I have this problem occasionally.  Now, I typically include a banana is most of my recipes to add the creaminess.  Sometimes, I will add yogurt because this works as well.  Another way, you can increase the creaminess of your smoothie is by adding peanut butter.  I think everyone enjoys peanut butter.  Try these tips the next time your smoothie is too liquid.

Is your smoothie too bitter?

I prefer to have a sweet taste to my smoothies so I try different things.  First, the fruits that seem to add a sweetness to my smoothies are:

Apples (Golden Delicious)
Also, just using the VIP brand mixed fruit bag.

Next, I think peanut butter can also add a bit of sweetness to your smoothies.  You can also use frozen yogurt.  Maybe even a little bit of chocolate.  Remember moderation when trying some of these ideas.  If you don't use moderation, you may make the best tasting smoothie, but it may not be as healthy as you like.  Try these tips the next time your smoothie is too bitter.

The next time you make a smoothie, hopefully, you will have a better experience.  If not, try some of my smoothie tips and see if they work for you.

Too your health without sacrificing taste!

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